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Audrey Wells

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If you're IN for a vintage, artisanal THRILL RIDE ...

a VISIT to FRINGE just might be on your TO DO LIST!


FRINGE carries, vintage, antique, hi-lo end, but MAINLY artisanal (if 'new') up-cycled original or hand-crafted ... CURATED ‘EVERYTHINGS’ ... from fashion, to furniture, to accessories, to garden, to books, to jewelry, to handbags, to belts, to decor ... to ...phew.


I'd say it's worth a trip TO JUST COME IN and TAKE. A. PEEK!


Peace and Love,

audrey wells/PROPRIETRESS

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about fringe


Welcome to ‘FRINGE’,

playground and retail ‘House Party’ hosted by, yours truly, Audrey Wells.

This is where like-minded vintage lovers, art aficionados, fashion enthusiasts, content skimmers and “conversationalists can visit FRINGE—24/7.

A woman has the age she deserves.
— Coco Chanel

Wherever you are in the cosmos—

I invite you to FRINGE to find a healthy dose of creativity, lively discourse, VIVID IMAGES and FRINGEY CONCEPTS to INSPIRE, poke or maybe…occasionally …PROVOKE.

Wanna’ get CLOSE to my BRITCHES...better keep me in STITCHES! (and i ain’t talkin’ ‘bout SUCKER PUNCHES, baby...i FIGHT BACK!)

FRINGE, Sacramento’s brick and mortar shop since May, 2007

celebrates a free-spirited and original lifestyle for living life both in and on THE FRINGE. It’s important for me to remind new and old visitors of this special place—was the first location of the iconic ‘X-21’, owned and operated by Mid-Century Modern savant (before it was ‘cool’, btw!), John Conaty—who held on to this space even as he operated a wildly successful showroom, South of Market Street, in San Francisco. John and I shared a similar point of view when it came to the elegance of ‘modern’ design with a wink and a nod to the fabulousness of sheer “KITSCH”. Ours was an unique ‘partnership’ … he wanted me to be his Eliza Doolittle to his Henry Higgins. We did our best. My ‘name’ is ‘Audrey’ … but John was often mistaken for Jeff Bridges—mostly in his role as THE BIG LEBOWSKI :). He was no Rex Harrison, but he was a BIG PERSONALITY and very easy on the eyes.

Too shallow for marijuana. Too high-strung for blow. Too much of a bogart for the buffet. Too busy for recreation so that eliminates ‘recreational drug use’ of other speeds...too sinful for organized religion and too human to aim for guru-status.

Now we know a little about the history of FRINGE—let’s move on to the groovy ‘stuff’!


FRINGE and I like to nudge (ok, sometimes PUSH) the EDGE—as we’re both are eclectic by nature and enjoy creatingripples or better yet—RUSHES of adrenalin like your favorite JOY RIDE.  If you decide to hop on our rollercoaster—strap—LET GO and LET ‘ER RIP!

My mission

is to connect to anyone and everyone’s inner WILD CHILD. FRINGE is the space I create to unite ’Fringeologists’—a potent, cosmic, communal stew of FREE-THINKERS and EXPLORERS who find comfort leaving the status quo and living life from an authentic place. I’m committed to creating ENVIRONMENTS where imagination and function combine—where YOU’RE encouraged to choreograph your unique expression—in whatever shape suits your INDIVIDUAL lifestyle and point of view.


FRINGE and I tune in to the multiple channels—People, Places and Things

offer unlimited entertainment and fuel for your imagination. Fringeologist’s are folks who find INSPIRATION when they’re TUNED IN to the animate and inanimate electric vibes I’ve discovered emanating from the vintage and antique pieces collected over the years—and the passion and commitment I’m frequently awed by—through one-of-a-kind, dynamic pieces or entire bodies of work created by artisans showcasing their work here at FRINGE.

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our online shop is currently being built, we are now offering our hidden gems on ETSY & Chairish.

Please visit their sites to view the latest specials we have to offer. 





I hope you visit FRINGE because it TICKLES your MOJO! Speaking from experience—I’ve HAD my share of rare and wondrous discoveries—my LIFE enhanced by the ‘invisible’ yet powerful pulse of creative currents I’ve been carried away with or immersed in every day.

So THANK YOU for visiting and WELCOME to FRINGE—wherever you may be. My wish is you find our online experience as stimulating as FRINGE’s physical space—on the hip little strip between Broadway and X Street—and STAY TUNED—soon to expand to the HEART of midtown which will include an even broader ONLINE PRESENCE (ALL THOSE X-21 RELICS STORED AT THE WAREHOUSE)!

Let’s stay in touch. Let’s continue to support and appreciate this community of our soulful ‘RADICAL RECYCLERS’ and stewards of our collective history.